Surgery: The machines that clip onto a finger and read the oxygen (O2) saturation are designed to be able to go through acrylic nails now days. An alternative is the patient will be asked to remove the acrylic or nail polish from one finger. So check with the hospital beforehand.

Pregnancy: The medical community is split when it comes to advising if manicures and acrylic nails are safe during pregnancy.  They should speak to their midwife about any concerns. They may find the smell causes nausea and/or vomiting. If pregnant and concerned about fumes/dust ensure the technician has a well ventilated area and a table with built in ventilation, try to book the first appointment of the day and ask the technician for a face mask to keep from breathing in the dust or take a mask to the appointment. Some women also find that their fingernails become stronger and grow more quickly, while others find that their fingernails become softer and break more than usual. These changes are probably caused by changes in hormone levels during pregnancy.

Diabetes: For people that have diabetes, it is vitally important that they learn to care for their nails. People with diabetes or those with compromised immune systems are more at risk of developing fungal nail infections. They should speak to their diabetes educator about any concerns.

Most importantly speak up! Tell your technician if you experience any pain, because they aren’t supposed to hurt. Tell your technician if you develop rashes or itchiness.  You could be sensitive to one of the ingredients/products, your technician will be able to recommend or change the products and give you advice.

Always take care of your health and your nails and ensure your technician is concerned about your nail health and is knowledgable on health issues. For most people, the risks of acrylic nails and manicures are minimal, so go ahead and indulge.

Acrylic Nails/Manicures and your Health
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