Did you know:

– Your hands can show your age?

– The sun can age your skin?

So, it makes sense to regularly use a hand cream with SPF coverage on your hands at all times. Check if your hand cream contains SPF, and if not, consider this the next time your at the shops.

On a side note you may ask “Do UV Nail Lamps Emit Unsafe Levels of Ultraviolet Light?”. Research undertaken states that standard use of a UV nail lamp (i.e. every 2 – 3 weeks) is as minimal as brief exposures to natural sunlight. Your hands are likely to be exposed to more UV light while driving a car than from UV gel nail services. Read about this more here: http://files.nailsmag.com/Handouts/UVNailLampFacts8_18_10.pdf

Don’t let the sun get the better of your hands
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