Step 1: Apply a couple of layers of topcoat to a plastic sandwich bag to the area where you want the marble design to be and allow to dry.

Marble Step 1

Step 2: Using colours of choice apply random blobs of polish to the area where the topcoat is.

Marble Step 2

Step 3: Using a dotting tool swirl your wet polish around to create a marble effect and allow to dry.

Marble Step 3

Step 4: Using tweezers once the design is dry carefully peel off the design off the plastic.

Marble Step 4


Step 5: Carefully cut the design to roughly the shape of your nail. At this stage apply a basecoat to your nails and dry to a tacky consistancy. Place the design on the nail. Using a cuticle stick run it down the sides of the nail and near the cuticle to trim the edges off. If any is stuck to the skin use a little bit of nail polish remover on a cotten bud to remove.

Marble Step 5 Marble Step 6

Step 6: Apply topcoat and allow to dry.

Marble Step 7

DIY: Plastic Bag Marble Effect
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