What is a Manicure?
What is a French Manicure?
What is a Paraffin Wax Treatment?
Explain Gel Polish?
I have thin and brittle nails.  What should I do?
What should I do to prevent polish from early chipping?
What should I do to keep my artificial nails healthy and in good shape?
Can artificial nails cause mould and fungus?
What are the common nail shapes?
Do you do Pedicures / Feet?
Do you do mobile nails?
Do you have a cancellation policy?
What if I am going to be late for my appointment?
What do you do to be environmentally friendly “Green” in your salon?

Q: What is a manicure?

A: A manicure is a service that shapes the natural nails. The cuticles are pushed back by applying a cuticle remover and soaking the nails for about 5 minutes. The cuticles are then gently pushed back and any dead skin around the cuticles is removed. Cuticle oil is applied to moisten the cuticles and prevent cracking and splitting. The free edges of the nails are filed and cleaned underneath. A clients favourite color polish is then applied to the nails.

Manicures promote nail growth and help to maintain a neat and tidy shape.


Q: What is a French Manicure?

A: A French Manicure is a nail polish application. A white polish is applied to the free edge of the nail to make it look whiter than normal. A baby pink, beige or peach polish is applied over the whole nail to give the rest of the nail to give it a natural look.


Q: What is a Paraffin Wax Treatment?

A: Paraffin wax soothes chafed skin and aching joints with natural warmth while moisturising the skin. The paraffin wax helps to strengthen your nails to prevent them from becoming brittle and damaging easily.

Paraffin wax is also a form of heat therapy. It can provide short term relief from tendon/ligament ailments, arthritis or other rheumatic diseases — the heat can help increase blood flow and relax muscles, whilst moisturising can increase the skin’s elasticity, allowing for increased mobility.

(NB: Paraffin Wax can only be used with natural nails and nail polish — not Acrylic Nails/Gel Polish)


Q: Explain Gel Polish?

A: I am frequently asked if I do Shellac Nails so I thought I would answer it here. Shellac is a brand of gel nail polish by CND, its not the ‘product’. I use Polish Pro by NSI, Gel Polish by OPI and Gelish by Harmony. These are gel nail polishes which last about 10-14 days on natural nails and when applied over acrylic nails last about 2-3 weeks.


Q: I have thin and brittle nails. What should I do?

A: You could try applying a nail-hardening product such as “Healthy Hoof”. I recommend this nail hardener for the treatment of soft, peeling, weak, thin, or brittle nails. With any nail hardener you will need to apply multiple layers, usually applying one coat every day for a week then removing and starting again.

Applying a thin coat of acrylic or gel can also assist nail strength.

Vitamins and Nutrients that are said to assist with nails health are: biotin, iron, folic acid, B12, garlic and echinacea. Please check with your doctor or pharmacist before starting any new supplements.

See your doctor if your nails suddenly develop horizontal ridges or become discoloured. These may be symptoms of serious health problems.


Q: What should I do to prevent polish from early chipping?

A: Nail polish on natural nails will usually last about one week. Your natural nails contain oils which tend to lift the polish. General use of hands will wear the polish on the ends of your nails. Using gloves when cleaning with chemicals or washing the dishes may help to prolong the life of the polish.

When applying polish its always best to use a base coat, 2 coats of polish and then a reputable top coat.


Q: What should I do to keep my artificial nails healthy and in good shape?

A: Apply a top coat every two or three days. Wear gloves when gardening, doing dishes, and cleaning with chemicals. Do not use your nails as tools as you may cause cracking.

Regularly return to your nail technician for refills usually every three to four weeks.


Q: Can artificial nails cause mould or fungus?

A: No they can’t, however, mold and fungus can grow under the artificial nails that are lifting, cracking or breaking, usually caused by water and other stuff getting trapped between the acrylic/gel nail and the natural nail.

It is recommended not to glue down any lifting of the nails unless you cannot visit your nail technician as you may seal moisture in and start this process.


Q: What are the common nail shapes?


Square: The free edge is straight across. This shape is the strongest due to it’s full width.

Round: The free edge is round and conforming to the fingertip.

Square-Round: This shape is a combination of the square shape and round shape. The free edge is straight across with the corners rounded off.

Oval: The free edge is oval, think an almond shape.


Q: Do you do Pedicures / Feet?

A: I specialise in hands, no feet, thank you for your understanding. I could spend time going into detail about the extra / different equipment I would need, the different sterilisation/cleaning thats needed, the complications and embarrassing conversations needing to refer clients to Podiatrists or the fact that I enjoy the artist component of hands and don’t enjoy feet… but the simple answer is no.


Q: Do you do mobile nails?

A: I have a home salon setup and do not provide a mobile service. I have had a few requests lately for mobile services however I am not insured for services outside of my home, and I wouldn’t do your hands justice without all my equipment, colours and embellishments (there is just no possible way to transport it all around!) Thank you for your understanding.


Q: Do you have a cancellation policy?

A: Unfortunately yes. It is designed to reduce the impact on my small home business and avoid excess cost to my clients. I do maintain a waiting list for appointments but, cancellation of an appointment at short notice does not allow me time to refill the time slot. As you will understand, I am a small home business and this is a frustrating and expensive situation for me.

As a courtesy I will try to text message clients the day before to remind you of your appointment, however if I am unable to reach you please understand that it is your responsibility to remember your appointment date and time. If you arrive late please be aware you may not receive your full service as your late arrival could result in the next client waiting and will continue throughout the day.

I would appreciate 24 Hours notice of cancellations. A client who provides an inappropriate amount of notice or “no shows” will not be invited to book another appointment, however are more than welcome to call on the day of their preferred appointment and I will do my best to see them that day.

Please make all cancellations/booking changes by phone call or text message. Facebook private messages and emails are unreliable for this sort of communication.


Q: What if I am going to be late for my appointment?

A: As you will understand, I am a small home business and these are embarrassing situations for me.

Arriving late for your appointment will, at best, reduce your treatment time and at worst, lead to your appointment being cancelled or re-scheduled. I will not allow late arrivals to interfere with the start of the next customers’ appointment.

If you are going to be late, please let me know via phone call or text message. Facebook private messages and emails are unreliable for this sort of communication.


Q:  What do you do to be environmentally friendly “Green” in your salon?

A:  I recycle all plastic bags, paper, magazines, cardboard boxes, plastic and bottles.

I ask clients if they mind having a pack to put their files and buffers in for their next appointment (cleaning them before putting back in pack!) if not I give to the client to take home and re-use.

My home and therefore home salon has solar energy to reduce our carbon footprint.